Why Use a Realtor Specialist


It doesn’t cost you a penny!

Builders know that most serious buyers work with buyer’s agents. Therefore, many if not most of a builder’s sales are made with buyers who have representation and are not purchasing alone. Because of this, a builder will compensate a buyer’s agent for bringing a buyer to the transaction.

If this is true, wouldn’t the builder give the buyer a discount if a real estate agent wasn’t involved? No. The builder is prepared to pay the buyer’s agent. The commission is already built into the sales price (sometimes as a marketing cost). If you purchase new construction without a Realtor, the builder keeps the built-in commission in-house. If you purchase new construction with a Realtor, your Realtor receives the commission, but the price remains the same. Either way, the price will be the price. How would a builder ever succeed if he/she sold one home for “x” amount and the same home later at a discounted price? That wouldn’t help the development or subdivision appreciate and the builder’s customers/homeowners already living in the development probably wouldn’t be too happy.

You get FREE, committed representation.

If you purchase new construction with the help of a buyer’s agent, that buyer’s agent will represent you, owing you fiduciary duties (such as loyalty, accountability, confidentiality, etc.). If you purchase a new home without a buyer’s agent, who is representing you? Often times, this may be the salesperson who works at the model home and tells you where to sign on the paperwork. This is the same salesperson employed by the builder. Think about it.

Builders rely on their reputations within the real estate community. Most builders get the majority of their business from customers working with agents. Therefore, builders have to have good relationships with real estate agents. Here’s an example: Buyer A buys a home without an agent. Buyer B buys the exact same home with a Realtor. Both will pay the same price. Now let’s say the deadline for construction is getting near. Which home is more likely to be completed on time? Probably Buyer B with the Realtor… because the builder wants the Realtor to not only bring back future customers, but to speak well of him/her. Buyer A, without the agent, has only himself to deal with the builder.


It is very important that you choose an experienced agent who knows every aspect of the community.  Did you know that any Florida licensed agent can sell a home in ChampionsGate?   Agents from all over the state surf the web, just like you do to learn about the community.  Most have never been anywhere near here.  Will they have the general knowledge to guide you through the transaction? Probably.  Will they know all the of details they should to ensure you get the very best deal possible?  Not a chance.  This requires an agent that works in the neighborhood every single day and has a long standing relationship with not only the sales staff, but the management team, the construction team, and various other essential personnel.  The combination of the specialized knowledge and these strong relationships will make all the difference to your home buying experience.  I invite you to give us a call at 407-603-1411, so we can show you the difference in working with a ChampionsGate Specialist.

Recent Testimonials

My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the support and total commitment Jason and Christina Daugherty provided throughout the entire process of purchasing our new Florida home.  From the very beginning, they made us feel at ease and helped us understand the ins and outs of purchasing a new home.  They were with us every step of the way, even supporting us after our purchase was complete!


Although we were only able to travel to Florida twice during the entire process, we felt like we missed nothing as Jason  provided a constant supply of pictures and information and made sure the builder was focused on providing everything we wanted.  The level of personal service and responsiveness was beyond what we would have ever expected!


I would recommend anyone buying a new home to consider using a Realtor (especially Jason Daugherty!) versus dealing directly with the builder’s Sales Agent.  I really could see how Jason fully represented our best interests versus a Sales Agent, who represents both the buyer and the seller.


Great team to work with.  Helped us every step of the way.  Showed us the homes we were interested in and did a lot more work than we would have ever expected.  They will work hard for you and you will not regret choosing them.  Thank you Jason & Christina.


Jason and Christina were very professional during my vacation home buying process.  I have since closed on the property and we chose Christina & Jason’s property management company to maintain the home for me and manage the day to day.


I have already recommended Christina to family and friends and will continue to recommend her.  Christina is a professional who simply gets things done.  Communicating updates when possible and keeping you up to date on the entire process overall.  I would highly recommend Christina to anyone thinking of  listing or buying a home in Central Florida.


We reside in the UK and recently bought a holiday home in Florida.  As you may be aware, there is a 5 hour time difference and you would think that this may be a problem but it doesn’t seem to be with Christina and Jason being our Realtors, as were always kept up to date with any changes that may occur.  Nothing is too much trouble and any questions asked are answered effectively.  At one point Christina and Jason were off due to a family bereavement, but they still replied to my emails and phone calls during this period, which we thought was very professional.  This shows the dedication they have for their job and their clients.


Christina was a tremendous help in our recent Florida home purchase. As we began to work with Christina, she was able to quickly set up visits to a number of houses that were in the area that we wished to purchase. This helped us to understand the market and narrow down the features of the house that we would eventually purchase. Based on this information we were able to do further research from our home in Canada and find homes that interested us. Christina would go see each house for us and send back detailed photographs of the home and descriptions of features that we had requested. She had a deep understanding of the qualities that we were looking for in our Florida home and was able to flush out the houses that did not qualify. During the purchase process, Christina was very responsive to our requests and acted as our guide through the system as we were unfamiliar with local practices. She recommended qualified professionals to assist us in areas like home inspection, tax and the legal aspects of the process. The transaction came to a smooth close with no unexpected hiccups. Christina acted as a knowledgeable and friendly professional throughout the process. I am grateful that she guided us through our purchase.